Bella & Beau, London

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It was Saturday morning, the sun was shining in deepest Notting Hill and my daughter and I were heading to the Bella & Beau, London launch. The new luxury children’s hair salon, recently opened by former Liberty X singer, Jessica Taylor, and cricketer husband, Kevin Pietersen, opened it’s doors to the ‘mini’ glitterati.

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Battle Of The Bronzers

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On Instagram yesterday, as beauty editors posted their favourite products from the day’s beauty launches and open days, it soon became clear that it was going to be a battle of the bronzers.

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MDM flow – A New Lipstick On The Block

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 14.01.17Make-up brands come and go, but there’s a brand new lipstick on the block and I am excited! In fact, I’m so excited that I’ve invested in it. Not a huge amount, less than my favourite bottle of perfume but more than two bottles of Chanel nail polish. It was thanks to my old friend and colleague, Anna Marie Solowij, beauty journalist and co-founder of BeautyMART, I was introduced to MDM flow.

MDM flow was created by Florence Adepoju, a newly graduated 22-year-old cosmetic scientist and self-confessed beauty junkie, who couldn’t find a beauty brand out there that represented her lifestyle and ideals. “All of the current beauty brands are influenced by the glamour of the 1920s to 1950s, whereas my influences are more Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Lil Kim and  hip hop culture”, Florence explains.

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Porter Magazine Launches Tomorrow…


To say that I am excited about the imminent launch of Porter magazine is a slight understatement, I am sitting-on-the-edge-of-my-seat, beside myself, deliriously kind of excited that Porter magazine launches tomorrow.

This long awaited glossy from Net-a-Porter promises to be a fashion magazine with a difference. The fashion will not be restricted to only the brands available on the Net-a-Porter website (although there are 260), so it is definitely a ‘magazine’ in it’s own right and not a catalogue. Using the NAP app you will be able to scan any product you like from the magazine and it will take you straight through to buy it. My kind of shopping without a doubt.

One of my current favourite writers and former beauty colleague, Kathleen Baird-Murray, is Beauty Director, and amongst the host of talent that Editor, Lucy Yeomans, and NAP founder, Natalie Massenet, have brought on board, Porter is bound to be something special. What also makes it unique is that tomorrow morning, Porter, will be available in both the UK and the States, as well as 58 other countries around the world. A truly global concept.

I’m hoping that Porter will prove that the print magazine is far from dead. My only gripe however, is that the editorial team opted to use American English. Favor instead of favour, realize instead of realise, I don’t mind, but please, please, please, just don’t use the word ‘mom’!



Knuckle Rings


The knuckle ring. To date, this is a fashion trend that has passed me by. Until now. I don’t have particularly skinny fingers, and conventional rings do not have the most slimming effect. Knuckle rings, however, have a clever knack of both lengthening and slimming the fingers which is rather good news for me.

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#fragrantmemories: Mary Quant Havoc


Mary Quant Havoc #fragrantmemories

I wholeheartedly blame my mother for my love of fashion. When I was a child, from as early as five years old, I was aware that she was not like the other mothers in our street. She shopped at Biba. She wore long patchwork skirts, handmade boots from Anello and Davide in Covent Garden, and carried a huge carpet bag with her wherever she went. She was different and had a style all of her own. She took me to the King’s Road to buy my clothes and stocked up on bright-coloured dresses and dungarees from Scandinavian children’s boutiques.

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Faux Fur: A Timeless Classic


A simple pair of jeans, a light sweater, and a fur coat or jacket. What could be more classic, as shown by one of the original style icons, Katharine Hepburn, in this wonderful photograph taken in 1932? Not dissimilar from the picture below which I found today on Pinterest. The only difference is that if the above picture was taken today, Hepburn would most likely be wearing faux fur.

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The Word Girl Launches Fragrant Memories


Places and music may be two of the greatest triggers when it comes to alerting the senses to past memories, but nothing is quite as evocative as smell. Burnt toast, freshly cut grass, fabric softener, we all know how they transport us back in an instant. For me it’s aeroplane fuel, Nivea Creme and freshly laid Tarmac (I obviously have a penchant for synthetic fragrances). However, when it comes to my own memories, nothing is as evocative as fragrance.

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H&M Isabel Marant: The End Of A Sorry Tale

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 09.47.15-Hm-boots-Isabel-Marant-ebay

After my shopping nightmare with H&M Isabel Marant (see last blog post), my beautiful suede and leather fringed boots finally arrived. They were soft to the touch, well-made, and ‘Isabel Marant’ in every possible way. I loved them. However, sadly there is not a happy ending to this tale, albeit not H&M’s fault this time.

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H&M Have Disappointed With Their Isabel Marant Collection

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 21.51.11Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 13.28.09

These are the scenes from last night’s Isabel Marant for H&M preview evening.  I was expecting to write this blog post today about the launch of H&M’s fabulous Isabel Marant collection and how excited I was about receiving my coveted boots. Let’s stop right there!

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