How Vintage Fashion Photography Inspires The Modern Age


I love this image shot by Mikael Jansson for the September 2013 issue of Interivew magazine. It reminds me of Bianca Jagger in the Studio 54 days when hair was wild, make-up was all about glam and colour, and fashion was bold yet polished. When I first saw this picture I thought it was a vintage fashion photograph from the 1970s.

We all know that in fashion terms, what comes around goes around, but the influence of the great photographers of the 1970s – Guy Bourdin, Norman Parkinson, Helmut Newton – lives on and on and on. Just as the bands of today are influenced by the greats of yesteryear, the same goes for the fashion photographers of today and this just goes to show how vintage fashion photography inspires the modern age.

Enough of the ramblings, here are a few of the stunning images back from the day…

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